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Thanks go to Mike and Caroline Lester for presenting a new trophy to the Academy. This will be awarded to the student who achieves the highest marks in the ABRSM exams.

The exams this year were held on  Wednesday 25th February. Mr Philip Robinson, from Nottingham, was the examiner and delighted to see so many singing students in one day.

Below are the names of the students who took part:-

Piano                Prep level            Rhea Tandan 

Singing             Grade 1              Rhea Tandan

                                                    Kit Bingham

                                                   George Schmuck 

Singing            Grade 2              Eva Inasu

                                                  Sophie Skelton

                                                  Cerys Elliott

Singing             Grade 4            Jasmine May Howard

                                                  Danielle Farman

                                                  Sasha Rodgers

                                                  Eleanor Wood

Singing            Grade 5            Helen Mary Inasu

                                                 Katrina Stead

                                                Dagmar Moederle-Lumb

                                                Aaysha Rashid

Singing           Grade 7             Chloe Moran

Singing           Grade 8             Vicky Harley

Good luck to everyone who took part!