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Manhattan Voices will be performing at Hackness Village Hall on Saturday 10th September 7.45 pm,

in aid of Engalynx - see Newsletter below.

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During my visit in January this year, it was agreed that we should undertake training in tailoring for 30 girls/women from the Munyiginya Sector, which is probably the poorest sector in the Eastern Province of Rwamagana.  The training should begin on Monday 1st August and will run for 6 months, taking us to January 31st.    God willing I shall visit again mid-January when  I shall be discussing with the Local Authority the possibility of setting up a co-operative for some of the students to work in.  I am hopeful that the co-operative will be able to obtain some contracts for school uniforms in the area and will also be able to make some of the bags I like to bring back to sell on.  Those who perhaps do not make the grade to do this kind of work will maybe allowed to take their machines home to do local repairs, dressmaking etc.  This needs more discussion whilst I am there but I do intend to ensure that the future for these young women is brighter.

Following this I shall be looking into training some people in beading, looking into the possibility of doing another hairdressing project, better husbandry in bee-keeping and looking to set some people up in small business schemes.  I have done these things before in a different area and they were successful.  A great deal depends on the co-operation from the L.A. and the Cell Leaders.

Life is considerably easier now that I have a friend in Rwamagana who is working on my behalf and who I can trust.  It is with his help that this project has come to fruition relatively easily.  

Maralyn Bambridge.