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"Ole, Ole, Ole," reflects the mood of the evening from beginning to end. What a fun-packed night for everyone! The Spanish theme was embraced by all as we dressed to impress. The warm balmy weather enabled us to spill out into the courtyard and enjoy the fresh air. 

Sipping Sangria proved to be a good start to the evening, giving us time to relax and chat. This was followed by the food - a delicious selection of Tapas. 

Then the music - oh the music. The spirit of Spain resounded throughout the Academy.

Sue gave us a pleasant surprise when she sang "Quando Sali de Cuba, " (When I Left Cuba) accompanied by Gary on guitar. How many of us have heard her perform? What a treat!

Gary had written a song especially for the evening, "Tu eres el amor de vida," which when translated means "You are the love of my life." The guitar accompaniment had a true Spanish flavour and his performance was superb.

Julia Sinclair enthralled us all with her Spanish repertoire - Y Viva Espana!

Wendy put her heart and soul into her Spanish dancing, as she whisked and whirled around the room to the rhythm of the music.

The Tuesday Singers gave us a variety of Spanish / Latin songs. Bob had certainly dressed for the part as he led the group in Banana Boat Song. Later they joined together with Manhattan Voices in a Mamma Mia medley.

An evening to remember!