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Last night the S.A.M were treated to a fantastic performance of "Little Shop of Horrors" at the YMCA

Jake Cooke took the lead role of Seymour Krelborn. As the gawky florist with an interest in rare plants (and a certain young lady) Jake excels in this role! This is perfect casting for Jake as he brings a real likeness and truthfulness to his performance. Superb vocals combined with an in-depth characterization saw Jake lead the company from start to finish.

Josh Eldridge-Smith bursts into life from the moment he appears from the wings. The iconic Dentist role depicted by the irreplaceable Steve Martin in the film adaptation of the musical is a difficult part to portray but Josh absolutely nails it! His characterization is second to none and the sheer commitment to the role is outstanding. A fine balance of the truly terrifying mixed with tummy tickling brilliance accentuates a stand out performance from Josh.

Michael "Mr.Mushnik" O'Brien blossoms as the lovable Jewish shopkeeper. Michael shines in this role and provides a stability and maturity to an otherwise chaotic and frenzied storyline. Michael has real comic timing but also shows a verisimilitude when interrogating the strange occurrences surrounding Seymour and his shop. 

The production is topped off by a stellar band led by our very own William Oseland who is the current Musical Director. Each member of the band is more than worthy of individual praise but really the quality of Alan Menken's score was brought to life with a tightness and expression that couldn't have been achieved without a strong connection between the musicians.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this production. 

Catch them at the YMCA every Monday - Thursday until the 27th of August!

We couldn't be prouder!